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I need your help!

Have a few minutes to answer a few questions?

Want to help me in some Peter Pan-related research?

Want to be credited in the bibliography of a college term paper? :-)

Hello all!

My name is Sydney and I am writing a paper which centers on fan fiction set in the Peter Pan universe, especially focusing on bookverse stories, for my literature course at Georgia Southern University, and I need your help! Any information from readers, bookverse authors, movieverse authors, or RPGers will be greatly appreciated.

It would be a huge help for my research if you would answer some or all of the questions below. Please either post your answers as a comment or e-mail them to me directly at I have been an avid fanfic reader for over ten years and am looking forward to hearing from you. Any person whose information I use will be credited appropriately.

Thanks for your time. Once again, I look forward to hearing from you!

I.                    Basic information:

      1. Name? (For crediting purposes – if none given, lj username will be used)

      2. Age?

      3. Sex?

      4. Occupation?

      5. Have you read _Peter Pan and Wendy_ by J.M. Barrie?

                        5a. How old were you when you first read the book?

                        5b. Is it one of your favorite books?

                        5c. Please give any other information about your relationship to the

                                    novel (ex: It was read to you by a parent, you have read it

                                    multiple times, etc.)

                        5d. Who is your favorite character? Why?

                        5e. What is your favorite part? Why?

      6. Are you a fan of any of the film or stage version of the story? If so, please

            specify which.

                        6a. Who is your favorite character? Why?

                        6b. What is your favorite part? Why?

II.                 Fan Fiction Related

     1. When did you start writing Peter Pan fanfics?

     2. What type of fanfics do you typically write? (ex: Het romance, Slash,       Femmeslash, Hurt/Comfort, Action/Adventure, Self-insertions [with yourself or an original character based on yourself], SquickFic, Angst, Other)

     3. Do you primarily read or write fan fiction?

     4. If you are a reader, what types of stories do you read?

            4a. Please send me a copy of or post a link to your favorite story.

     5. If you are a writer, please send me a copy of or post a link to what you   

            consider your personal best story.

III.               Role Players

1.      Please describe your RPG’s storyline/s.

2.      Where do you role play? (Livejournal communities, Message boards, Other)

3.      How long have you participated?

4.      Please describe your character (gender, age, part in the storyline, etc.)

      IV .      Additional Information

                  Here’s where you get to tell me anything else I haven’t asked that you

            find important or potentially useful.

Your help is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, I can be reached at

Thanks a lot!

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