The Higher Common Sense (chronographia) wrote in jas_hook,
The Higher Common Sense

Pan pipes and harpsichords . . .

I was listening to a lovely piece of music just now - La Fenêtre by Yann Tiersen which features an intricate harpsichord section - and was reminded of Hook (and also for those French speakers among you, the window where the whole mess began).

Just curious, but what music do you hear that brings our wonderful villain to mind? Or any other part of Peter Pan?

(Yes I realize I run my mouth an awful lot on here. I can't seem to help it . . .)

Edited To Add: I mean any music, contemporary, baroque, sea chanties, whathaveyou. I think the piece I mentioned was a little misleading - yes it does have a harpsichord in it, but it's contemporary music. Yann Tiersen was behind the score for Amélie and has played with The Divine Comedy. Didn't mean to confuse anyone there . . .
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