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I took a break this morning from my Very Secret Project* calapine's birthday present and deciphered my scribbles on the layout of the Captain's cabin. As promised . . .

call me obsessed.

Hook's cabin

Items are vaguely to scale. More or less. I don't have a dvd player of my own, so I've only been able to watch it once. Based on the notes scribbled down in the dark on Tuesday, various still frames from Unofficially Yours, and the three times I saw it in theaters. Obviously I've missed things - I left out a lot of ornamentation, trinkets, and candlesticks (there were lots and lots and lots of candlesticks). But not too bad, considering.

If you would like to use this as a reference, a laser printer friendly (150 dpi) pdf is here. You may point to this post, x-post, or pass this around fandom as much as you like, just keep the disclaimer attached and credit me. It's likely that someone more nitpicky than me will see it and flame me with complaints that I've left out X, Y, and Z. And even though I've put the images on my web account that doesn't get charged for extra bandwidth, I would appreciate it if you didn't hotlink.

* I hope that the drawing is good enough for all of you to forgive me for going off topic a moment . . . I'm in need of an Elizabethan Costuming Aficionado to double check my work on the previously mentioned Secret Project. I'm planning on finishing it before the weekend is out, but I just want to make sure that everything is accurate. Damn these obsessive compulsive tendencies of mine. Drop me a comment if you're interested . . .
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