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Hello, friends ... arrr, ahoy, etc.

It's been awhile since anyone has posted here, but I hope people are still checking. I'm new to the community, LJ, and Peter Pan fanfiction in general. Currently, I'm working on an as-yet untitled Hook-centric fic with an OFC who is Wendy Darling's great-granddaughter.

In summary: Emma Flynn boards the Jolly Roger to rescue her sister and finds herself taken captive instead. If she agrees to help Captain Hook defeat Peter Pan and take control of Neverland, he will let her go ... but as she grows accustomed to life on the pirate ship, she is not so sure she wants to leave.

I invite you to visit my LJ and see what I've written so far:

chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

Of course, all feedback is enormously appreciated. Cheers!  -cp
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