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Hook at Eton--or--the Ravings of a Mad Fanchild

So I finally gave in, I finally did it. I created the community for my second favorite novel of all time (nothing beats out a Little Princess, sorry). Check it out, and I hope I spelled everything properly. I recommend the book over the audio reading of it, however closely they match. Read it first, then listen--if you have the luxury of choosing, that is.


I really, really recommend Capt. Hook: Tales of a Notorious Youth, people. I know I rave about it incessently, but you know what? I'm going to keep on raving. I'll rave until I am physically incapable of writing or typing. Until you read it. Until it is KNOWN--because it truly deserves the attention.

Sorry if I sound kinda's frustrating when you are the only reader you know.

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Now that the pimping is over....

Hello! I discovered this community by inputting Hook in the interests search (ja I know, sooooo clever XD). I was ecstatic even as I smacked my forehead at my obliviousness. A community full of Hook'philes! Delightful! Well this post is my intro, so here is my intro....

I was born. I grew up. On December 22, 2005, I finally had jaw surgery that I had found out I needed a year before. I lost fifteen pounds, ten of them the first week of recovery. I endured. I survived. I dreamed of my favorite food (still do). Now where am I? Two weeks from chewing (the magical six week mark!) and finding friends and communities at a rate of one a week (I spend a huge amount of time on lj). All in all I am very happy right now, as this surgery is a milestone for my life really having a chance to start.

I'm a writer and artist, as well as a singer, of some talent, and I enjoy fanfiction more than original work, I have found. Even the original work I read has that writing style that fanfic coined (Anita Blake, anyone?). Among my favorite books are the Holmes pastiche Enter the Lion, the Neverland pastiche mentioned above, and the Spiderwick Chronicles. I like a rich setting for my characters, with a huge amount of world detail that is never all told to me by the author (now in a separate book...). The people of Weta Workshop have impressed me greatly by doing this with Skull Island, and I have always enjoyed the world of Star Wars, even if the movies don't interest me. In short, I LOVE CREATURES AND CULTURES! I love microcosms, like J.V. Hart's Eton, I love macrocosms, like George Lucas' galaxy, I love alternate Earths, like Laurell K. Hamilton's Earth and White Wolf's new World of Darkness. I lean toward the dark or the complex in writing, and at the moment I am working on a Fae supplement for the new WoD (no not officially, just as a self-made supplement as my friends and I are unsatisfied with Changeling being taken from the WoD mythos), as well as weaving my version of the Fair Folk into my Harry Potter, Nightmare before Christmas, Wonderland, Labyrinth and Neverland fanfic-verses, as well as working it into an original world.

"Remember, its the second star to the right, unless you wish to court madness." - This quote was something I said in an RPG over a year ago, and is the summary of one of my theories--Wonderland and Neverland are connected both by sky and water. In the game the Wonderland we were using was from American McGee, but the theory could serve either Carroll's or McGee's version, as well as Disney's (I have a special place in my heart for all three).

I hope this writer's long post doesn't intimidate anyone...^_^;;

~Melantha Sebella Nocturne
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